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About Us


Dom Maklerski BDM SA has been active in the capital market since 1993, i.e. since it was granted a permit to conduct brokerage business.

Currently, it operates based on a decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission (No. KPWiG-4021-7/2002) dated 26 March 2002 BDM SA is a well-established broker who provides services including in the following market segments:
- business broking,
- managing investment portfolios,
- investment banking

In GG Parkiet’s„Individual Investors’ Best Brokerage” classification, Dom Maklerski BDM S.A. ranked highest in the following category: the brokerage staff's friendliness and willingness to help, and ranked second best in the category of on-line transaction fees and commissions. Moreover, BDM S.A. came top of brokerages in all other categories.

Dom Maklerski BDM S.A. achieved one of the highest scores in the 2007 Ranking of Primary Market Leaders prepared by “Forbes Investor” magazine. One of the elements included in the overall score was the Issuer Evaluation subranking. BDM S.A. finished third in it. Under this ranking, brokerage houses were subjected to issuer assessment in five categories: employee knowledge and experience, attention to the issuer’s economic interests, efficiency (rate) of execution of share issue and stock market entry, organization and coordination of the share issue process (stock market entry) and the flexibility and partnership with the issuer. In every category, BDM S.A. ranked in the top lead. The issuers assessed flexibility and partnership-oriented attitude to the client company highest. This means that BDM S.A. is ready to negotiate the terms of the agreement, values the opinion of the issuer when allotting shares to institutional investors and keeps promises made prior to the conclusion of the agreement.

Contact Information

Dom Maklerski BDM S.A.
Management Office
ul. Ks. Stojałowskiego 27, 43-300 Bielsko Biała
phone 33 8128400
fax 33 8128401

BDM SA Brokerage House headquartered in Bielsko-Biala, at Stojałowskiego 27, 43-300 Bielsko-Biala, phone 33 812 84 40, fax 33 812 84 42 NIP 547-02-44-972, REGON 070425363, registered in the Commercial Register of the National Register at KRS number: 0000008665 by the District Court in Bielsko-Biała, 8th Economic Department of the National Court Register Management Board: Jacek Rachel – Chairman, Lech Głogowski - Vice Chairman, Janusz Smoleński - Vice Chairman Initial Capital: PLN 23.543.470,00 , paid-up capital: PLN 22.611.970,00 zł

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